Events shape our lives, even distant and dark ones. From the time I was a wee little one, I have stopped my fear of dark places. I pick up my torch and journey alone through darkened corridors leading down into bottomless caverns of events past. I stumble upon the remnants of an intricate puzzle, which I bring back with me, and in the quiet of my dreams, are assembled before me.




James A. Marusek

Nuclear Physicist & Engineer

U.S. Department of the Navy, retired

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Global Mass Extinctions

Over the past 500 million years, great terrestrial cataclysms drove global mass extinctions. A new paper for the 36th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) on 14-18 March 2005 provides insight on both the timing and cause of these great mass extinctions. The Cosmic Clock, The Cycle of Terrestrial Mass Extinctions, describes two primary mechanisms: Oort cloud comet impacts and nearby supernova events. A dual cycle of extinction events is observed and well ordered in geological time. Both mechanisms are synchronized to the passage of the solar system through the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy.


Unwrapping Structural Theories of the Universe

Our solar system resides in a spiral arm galaxy called the Milky Way. The theory The Life Cycle of Spiral Arm Galaxies describes a perspective on the inner workings of this type of galaxy.

The Unified Theory of Stellar Evolution describes the life cycle of massive stars.

The Theory of the Infinite Universe describes our universe which extends in three-dimensional space to infinity and across infinite time.


Comet and Asteroid Impacts and Massive Volcanism

The Great Permian Extinction Debate was presented at the 35thLunar and Planetary Science Conference. The paper provides a hypothesis of the mechanisms behind the greatest mass extinction of life on Earth, the Permian extinction. The hypothesis is applicable to 5 of the 6 Great mass extinctions events that occurred at the end of the Botomian, Devonian, Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous Ages.

At the 2nd International Planetary Defense Conference held at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on 5-8 March 2007, I presented the following 3 papers.

Impact Calculator Purdue University recently developed a calculator for asteroid/comet impacts.
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B612 Foundation
Near Earth Object Program

Supernovas and Ice Ages

Supernovae - The Force Behind Great Ice Ages describes how a string of nearby supernova events produces and reinvigorates Great Ice Ages.

Did a Supernova Cause the Collapse of a Civilization in India? Did a supernova cause the collapse of an early civilization in India around 2500-3000 BC and halt the construction of the Tower of Babel?

Did a Supernova cause the Collapse of the Bronze Age Civilizations? Great and powerful nations that controlled the Bronze Age world in some cases for almost two millennium fell within a very short span of fifty-years between 1225 B.C. and 1175 B.C. Civilization collapse overtook the Mycenaean of Greece, the Hittites of Anatolia, the Egyptian New Kingdom, the city-states of coastal Syria and the Levant, the Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni, and the Kassite kingdom of Babylon. These were mighty nations and archeologists have long been puzzled by what force could cause these civilizations to fall simultaneously.

Supernova: Disaster Preparedness Plan On 26 December 2004, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the northern coast of Sumatra spawning a large tsunami. The disaster left 300,000 people dead or missing in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, the Maldives, Bangladesh and East Africa. The island of Simeulue was the closest to the epicenter. Thirty-foot waves crashed ashore along its coast. Of the 75,000 people living on the island, only 7 perished. This was one of the greatest areas of devastation but only 7 individuals perished. Why? The inhabitants of Simeulue Island knew the tsunami warning signs (large earthquake & shoreline receding into ocean) and they knew what to do (run into the hills). In an instant, it was determined who would live and who would die. The people on Simeulue Island survived. Do you know the warning signs of a nearby supernova and what actions to take to survive? This is not a distant hypothetical threat but one that is responsible for the sudden destruction of hundreds of civilizations during the short history of mankind.

SNEWS Program Description

Link into SNEWS Early Warning System

A Common Misconception

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Solar Storms

The Sun is Changing States: Time to Reassess Where It May be Heading!

Solar Storm Threat Analysis

Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts Workshop Report

Solar Storm Disaster Preparedness Plan

Other Related Research

In general, the greatest solar flares, produce the greatest solar proton events and the greatest geomagnetic storms (provided the CME strike the Earth). The size of the flare that produced the geomagnetic storm of 13 March 1989 that damaged the Canadian electricity transmission system was an X-15 solar flare. This level can be viewed as a lower threshold. The greater the solar flare is above X-15, the greater the threat to our electrical power grid.


The Sun's Role in Natural Climate Change

Little Ice Age Theory describes natural climate drivers responsible for Little Ice Ages conditions. This paper describes Cloud Theory and Wind Theory. At the core of Cloud Theory are galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) and at the core of Wind Theory are diamond dust ice crystals.

Forecast for Solar Cycle 25

Historical Material: Solar Cycle 24

Solar Grand Minima Threat Analysis

Solar Grand Minima Preparedness Plan (i.e. Little Ice Age Preparedness Plan)

Other Related Research

The Global Warming Pause Almost a decade ago, there was a small merry band of skeptics that opposed the weak theory called Man-Made Global Warming. But each day, more and more joined our ranks and our cause. But the proponents of the theory were ruthless and went to extreme lengths to stifle scientific debate. At first, they employed the tactic of calling us “deniers” trying to paint us in the same light as “holocaust deniers”. They did their best to destroy our careers and scientific reputations. But then they moved it up a notch. They claimed that we had committed “crimes against humanity” and we should be tried as war criminals like in the Nuremberg Trials. They were implying that we should be tried and executed. Didn’t they even know that the backbone of good science is grounded in debate! When the rhetoric expanded to crimes against humanity and war crimes trials, it sent a certain chill in the air. There was a sudden lull, a dearth, of articles against this unsupported theory. I was dismayed. I decided I would not go quiet into the night and be bullied into submission. So I wrote the following article and sent it off to a newsletter called Paradigms and Demographics where it was published on 6 March 2009. The Sun has Gone Quiet


There are Two Paths Ahead

There are two paths ahead; each marked with a “Danger” signpost

The Sun is Undergoing a State Change was published in spanish in the March/April 2010 edition of Athanor Magazine under the title El Sol y el cambio climático. This is the English version of the submitted article.

The final version published in Spanish is available here.


Terrorism: Civil Defense Preparedness

A Citizen's Guide to Terrorism Preparedness and Response: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear by the American Council on Science and Health.


Nuclear War: Civil Defense Preparedness

Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny.

Getting Prepared for an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack or Severe Solar Storm by Jerry Emanuelson.

Congress chartered the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack to study EMP, GMD and other threats to the electric grid and critical infrastructures. The implementation of their critical recommendations has been stymied by past administrations.


Disaster Preparedness

Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic provides a practical guide for the preparation of a coronavirus pandemic from an individual rather than a governmental perspective.

Action Plan for Safely Opening-Up Bloomfield School in the Fall Amidst the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The Survival Doctor "What to do when help is NOT on the way"

Survival Books

A Go-Bag or Bug-Out Bag is a bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation of one's home. This article describes my vision of an ideal Go-Bag

Abbreviations used by Preppers: The Essential Preppers’ Dictionary


Mega-Tsunami Preparedness

The Tsunami Survival Guide describes preparation planning for the tsunami and mega-tsunami threat.


Cataclysmic Preparedness

The Everything Else Disaster Preparedness Plan addresses "Doom on a Truly Cataclysmic Scale". After reading it, David Bax wrote "This is perhaps the most visionary and forward looking piece I've read from you." Eleonora O'Connor-Risch wrote "Very interesting and on a truly grand outlook. You are a fellow romantic and independent thinker." Benny Peiser wrote that it "shows quite clearly that there are no existential threats that we could not deal with."


The Global Warming Theory

Is the Global Warming Theory set upon a firm foundation or is it constructed on quicksand? Global Warming - Experimental Results

Natural Global Cooling Theory vs. Man-Made Global Warming Theory

Fractured Consensus

The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate An inventory of references refuting the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory.

Climategate An inventory of references relating to the Climatgate scandal.

My Comments to the EPA Proposed Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases under the Clean Air Act.

Submission of Legal Brief To the U.S. Supreme Court

The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding


The Origin of the Ozone Hole

Two theories exist that explain ozone depletion and the formation of the ozone hole. One theory postulates the cause is anthropogenic (release of man-made chemicals). The other theory postulates the cause is natural (due to a weakening of Earth's magnetic field). The Origin of the Ozone Hole - Natural or Anthropogenic

The Other Side of the Ozone Depletion Debate The Ozone Depletion Theory - Natural or Anthropogenic?


The Environmental Movement

The Legacy of the Environmental Movement

DDT Ban - Almost a half billion people contract malaria each year. Over a million of them die. DDT is the most effective weapon against malaria. But it was banned. Was that decision based on faulty research?

The Other Side of the Biodiversity Debate An inventory of references refuting the Theory that Man is Primarily Responsible for Great Destruction of Biodiversity on Earth.


Weather History

Weather has been documented by early meteorologist and historians for centuries. A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events will lead you to a massive weather resource covering the years 1 A.D. to 1900 A.D.

A Chronology of Notable Weather Events by Douglas V. Hoyt is another historical weather resource. It covers the period from 243 A.D. to 2010 A.D.

Landmarks of World History: A Chronology of Remarkable Natural Phenomena by Christopher Chatfield is another historical weather resource. It covers weather events from 2668 B.C. to 1900 A.D.


Extreme Weather Events - Hurricanes and Tornados

The Relationship between Cosmic Rays and Hurricanes was presented at the 2nd International Conference on Global Warming and the Next Ice Age. The conference, sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 17-21, 2006.


Prediction for the Year 2006

Prediction 2006 - Close Out

Prediction for the Year 2008

A Few Quiet Years Can Lull Individuals into Complacency

Prediction 2008 - Close Out

Forecasting Tool Predicted Correctly in 2008.

Storminess Analysis for the Year 2009

Prediction for the Year 2011

Accurate Weather Predictions Not Easy

Bad Weather Will Continue

Extreme Weather Events

Prediction 2011 - Close Out

Prediction for the Years 2012 and 2014

Prediction 2012 - Close Out



Log Cabin Playhouse documents the construction of a unique playhouse for the grandkids.

Driveway Construction describes my method of building a concrete driveway in the flats and a brick driveway up my steep hill. This approach solved the problem I had with driveway erosion caused by heavy rains and floods.

Underground Shelter - I completed construction of an underground shelter using an Intermodal Shipping Container. This shelter is unique in the range of threats it is designed to protect againsts. These include tornadoes, nuclear blasts, radiation fallout, chemical and biological attacks, asteroid/comet impacts, nearby supernova events, neutron bomb attacks, forest fires and firestorms, major earthquakes, super volcano eruptions, massive solar storms, pandemics, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and global famines. Due to its uniqueness, I named it: The "Armor of God" Shelter. ---Expect a long download.


Origin of Life

Did you ever wonder how life developed on this planet? The Origin of Life on Planet Earth describes one hypothesis.



When I was young, I created a new branch of mathematics. This happened almost by accident. I named this collection of formulas Pattern Mathematics.

In 1982, I developed an innovative analytical technique to assess aging degradation in non-homogeneous populations. The technique is referred to as "Delta Analysis".


Early New England Photographic Inventions

Heliography: A Chronology of New England Inventions and Innovations in the 19th Century was published in the Spring 2003 issue of The New England Journal of Photographic History, Number 163.


The Great Flood

Could there be a scientific basis for The Great Flood?

Other Related Research



Weight Loss

I underwent Bariatric Surgery (Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass) on 16 May 2013. This photograph shows the results six months later.

How I Survived Bariatric Surgery is a short article about my experience.

How I Survived Bariatric Surgery, Part II provides an update to the original article.


The Root Cause of Cancer explores the role of nuclear radiation as the primary cause of cancer.

Alzheimer's Disease

An Experimental Design for Mitigating Alzheimer's Disease provides a unique approach to resolving Alzheimer's disease.

Treating Alzheimer's Disease With CT Scans provides another novel approach to treatment.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Comes Of Age

Natural Medicine

For thousands of years, man has utilized the healing properties of plants to treat the ailments of mankind. Early American Pharmacology: Medicinal Properties of Organic Matter including Herbs and Essential Oils provides an important historical resource. This reference is comprised of two parts. Part 1, Part 2. [The document is in pdf format which allows direct viewing from the computer screen, printing and also keyword searches.]

Experiments with Essential Oils describes my experiments with the medicinal properties of essential oils. The article also includes a discussion on the development and testing of ADT4, an essential oil blend that may aid in the treatment of cancer.

Asperger's Syndrome

The Aspie Code describes Asperger’s Syndrome, which has recently been relabeled as High Functioning Autism. Chapters in this book discuss Aspies under the light of school bullying, careers and employment, romance and marriage. This book provides a unique perspective by a missing link in the Aspie Tribe. The book also describes the largest known number, a Goofillillion.


Backyard Woodsman

Backyard Woodsman describes my 35 years experience with cutting, splitting and burning firewood.



For Zofia and A.J.



Why Cats Naturally Like to be Petted


Water Purfication

Gravity Fed Water Treatment System - Original.

Gravity Fed Water Treatment System - Mod 1.

Water Distillation Unit.


Links to Other Interesting Theories

Russian-Ukrainian Theory of Deep Abiotic Petroleum Origin Over a thousand research papers have been published supporting this theory.

The Origin of Methane (and Oil) in the Crust of the Earth by Thomas Gold.

An Introduction to the Modern Petroleum Science, and to the Russian-Ukrainian Theory of Deep, Abiotic Petroleum Origins. by J.F. Kenney.

Does the Gulf of Mexico Hold as Much Oil as Saudi Arabia?

Oil Doesn’t Come from Squashed Ferns and Fish??

Other Related Research

Is the World's Obsession with Viral Etiology off-the-mark? - Could the root cause of Bird Flu, SARS, AIDS, Mad Cow Disease and the next Great pandemic be due to an atypical mycobacteria instead?

Experts: Pneumonia Was Real Killer in 1918 Flu Pandemic

Validity of the Linear No-Threshold Theory of Radiation Carcinogenesis at Low Doses - The human body is able to absorb low levels of radiation without harm.

Is Atomic Radiation as Dangerous as We Thought?

The Health Effects of Low Level Radiation (long download)

Nobel prize winner lied about radiation danger; Data suppression abetted rise of linear no-threshold model

The nuclear accident at Chernobyl has created a natural laboratory

Oxygen - The primary root cause of age related diseases (Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks, cancer, arthritis etc.)

A Cure for Cancer - Maybe there is a magic bullet!


Research Conclusions

The Great Winter is Coming - Great Ice Ages are very rare events (3 in the last 500 million years). When viewed from geological time, the Earth presently resides in the middle of a Great Pleistocene Ice Age, a major extinction boundary. The current Ice Age began 1.7 million years ago and will continue for another million years or so. During an Ice Age, the Earth experiences a string of Global Cooling Events (GCE) triggered by nearby (<2,000 light year distant) supernovae. Ice core data implies GCE occur approximately every 1,000-1,500 years. During these events, very high energy galactic cosmic rays from supernova events produce short intense periods of radiation (days/weeks) at the planet's surface followed by long, less intense periods of radiation (stretching hundreds of years) in the Earth's atmosphere.

Once the Earth passes out of this Great Ice Age, it will experience a long period of calm in which life will flourish. This calm will last approximately 80 million years until the Earth enters another extinction boundary. At that time, the passage of the solar system through a Milky Way spiral arm will dislodge a large number of comets from their orbit in the Oort Cloud. A collision of one or more comet fragments with Earth will then produce another Great Mass Extinction.


Many of these papers are stored in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) to facilitate printing. Your computer will require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. A free download version is available at the following link. This format also allows searches within the document.


This web site will touch upon the following subjects: Abiotic petroleum origin, acid rain, acidic gases, acoustic fluidization, aging, AIDS, albedo, albumen, Alzheimer's disease, ambrotype, amniotic eggs, anoxic, Archaea, Arecibo, Armor of God Shelter, aromatics, arthritis, asteroid, asteroids, asymmetric, atomic structure, atypical mycobacteria, Aurora Borealis, basalt eruptions, Big Bang theory, Big Crunch theory, black hole, Black Plague, black rain, Bragg Peak, blast wave, bubonic plague, buckminsterfullerenes, calcium carbonate, calotype, cancer, cancer cluster, carbon dioxide, carbon cycle, carbonic acid, cataclysm, CCN, Chicxulub, civil defense, climate change, cloud, CME, cloud condensation nuclei, cloud condensing nuclei, collide, collision, collodion, comet, comets, come-what-may shelter, communication, conflagrations, construction, corn, Coronal Mass Ejection, cosmic clock, cosmic radiation, cosmic rays, Cretaceous, crop production, cycle 24, cycle 25, Dark Age, dark matter, darkness, Deccan traps, deep impactors, daguerreotype, dementia, deoxyribonucleic acid, destruction, Devonian, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloromethylmethane, digit notation, dimethyl sulfide, dinosaurs, dipole, disaster, disaster preparedness, distribution, DDT, DMS, DNA, earth, earthquake, electrical blackout, electrical power grid, electromagnetic pulse, electrophonic bursters, elementary particles, Emeishan traps, emergency plan, EMP, epidemic, europium, evacuation, exit vector, expedient shelter, extermination, extinct, extinction, extraterrestrial impact markeres, extreme weather, famine, fern spike, fireball, firestorm, flood, flooding, fluorine salt, food chain, forecast, framboidal pyrite, fullerenes, Galactic Cosmic Rays, galaxy, GCR, Geiger counter, geomagnetic, geomagnetic storm, glacial, global, Global Cooling, global firestorm, global mass extinctions, Global Warming, gluon, grain mill, grains, gravitational switch, GRO J0852-4642, ground shock, Guadalupian-Lapingian Boundary, gypsum, heart attack, heavy metals, heliograph, heliography, heliomagnetic, Heliosphere, historical weather, Holocene, major Atlantic hurricane, hydrocarbon, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, hypercapnic acidosis, Ice Age, IGRF, impact, impact winter, infrastructure, interglacial, ionization, ionizing radiation, iridium, Justinian plague, kinetic energy, Kuiper Belt, Lakagigar Eruption, landslides, lava flows, leukemia, light-year, lime, linear no-threshold theory, Little Ice Age, long period comet, LPC, magnetic field, magnetic pole reversal, magnetic pulse, major cataclysm, malaria, marine invertebrates, mass fires, mathematics, Maunder Minimum, megaton, melainotype, meteor, meteorite, meteorites, meteors, microspherules, mitochondria, mutagen, mutation, nanoTesla, NASA, natural heat transport mechanism, neo, neutron star, New England, nova, nT, nuclear, nuclear explosion, nuclear particle radiation, nuclear war, nuclear winter, nucleus, neutrino, octupole, Oort cloud, Ordovician, organic carbon, origin of life, oxygen depletion, ozone layer, pandemic, patent search, pattern mathematics, peak overpressure, Permian, Permian extinction, Permian-Triassic Boundary, pestilence, petroleum origin, petroleum cracking process, plague, plan, photograph, photographers, photographic inventions, photographic patents, photography, phytoplankton, planning, platinum print, Pleiades, Pleistocene, Popcorn theory of the Universe, power blackout, prepare, preparation, preparedness, primordial hydrocarbons, proton, QGP, quadrupole, quark, radiation, radiation meter, radiation shielding, reboot civilization, recovery, Rinderpest, RX J0852.0-4622, salt print, satellite, shielding, shocked quartz, Siberian traps, SNEWS, solar cycle, solar irradiance, solar storm, solar flare, solar proton event, solar wind, South Atlantic Anomaly, SPE, spectral type O, spectral type B, spiral arm, storminess, SSA, starvation, stockpiles, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, sulfurous acid, sunspots, superanoxic, supernova, survival, tectonic plate, terpenes, thermal radiation, threat analysis, threat mitigation, tnt, major tornado, Tower of Babel, transportation, Triassic, tsunami, threat, threat analysis, threat assessment, Tunguska, ultraviolet, underground, underground shelter, universal shelter, UV radiation, volcanic, volcano, water filtration, water treatment, Weather Chronology, Yersinia Pestis, and weather forecasting.


In the event of an impending cataclysm (a nearby supernova, asteroid/comet impact, or massive solar storm), in order to disseminate this information expeditiously, I grant permission for anyone with the means to copy and post this website as a mirrored website. Under these circumstances, I also grant permission to anyone with the means to copy and reproduce this material in printed form. This permission is granted for a period of 60 days beginning when the threat first materializes.