The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate

James A. Marusek

This website currently links approximately 1,963 articles dealing with the other side of the global warming debate. These articles are broken apart by major topic areas to simplify searches and to prevent the sheer mass of articles from becoming overwhelming to the reader. Generally the oldest articles are listed at the top and the newest at the bottom. Some of these articles have become stale and the linkages have disappeared. That is unfortunate because some of these articles are well written and still applicable today. But such is life! I attempt from time to time to remove the stale links.


The Myth that a Consensus among Scientists really exists supporting the Man-Made Global Warming Theory.


The Myth that the Temperature Data and Analysis Used by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is Accurate.

The satellite data and weather balloon data shows little measurable increase in atmospheric temperatures. The surface temperature data shows an increase but the data is seriously contaminated with urban heat island effects. Also much of the surface temperature data is not atmospheric surface temperature but rather the water temperature at the surface of ocean.


The Myths Concerning the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period. (The IPCC claims they either didn’t occur or were just local events)


The Myth that the Recent Rise in Carbon Dioxide is Abnormal and Unprecedented.


The Myth that Global Temperature is Rising Unnaturally and is in a Runaway State.


The Myth that a Methane Release might cause a Global Warming "Tipping Point".


The Myth that Man-Made Global Warming is Causing Ocean Acidification


The Myth that All the Glaciers and Sea Ice are Melting.


The Myth that an Unprecedented Rise in Ocean Level Is Occurring


The Myth that Global Warming Is Producing More Hurricanes.


The Myth that Global Warming will Produce Greater Natural Disasters.


The Myth that Global Warming will Produce a Greater Death Toll from Natural Disasters.


The Myth that Global Warming Will Produce More Droughts.


The Myth that Global Warming Will Produce More Forest Fires


The Myth that Global Warming Will Reduce River Flows to Dangerous Low Levels.


The Myth that the Great Lakes are Drying Up


The Myth that Global Warming Will Produce More Floods.


The Myth that Global Warming will Devastate Permafrost.


The Myth that Global Warming Is Destroying Coral Reefs.


The Myth that Global Warming is Spreading Disease.


The Myth that Man-Made Global Warming is Causing the Extinction of the Polar Bears.


The Myth that Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Global Warming Theory Thoroughly Considered All Causes?


The Myth that Global Warming produces Ice Ages. (Someone was really desperate in proposing this theory. But it falls in line with the environmental activist approach of covering all the bases. Whenever an environmental disaster occurs, the finger will always be pointed at man-made global warming, whether the scientific arguments are weak or non-existent.)


The Myth that Man-Made Global Warming will Endanger U.S. National Security. (Historically, natural global cooling has created threats to national security - NOT global warming)


The Myth that the Global Warming Debate Is Treated In A Scientific Manner.

Any time a movement must rely upon these underhanded tactics to attempt to win a scientific argument, it should be a dead giveaway that the theory is in very serious trouble!


The Myth that Water Vapor Can Only Add a Positive Component to the Heat Balance Equation.


The Myth that the Man-Made Global Warming Theory can Accurately Model Climate Change by Intentionally Ignoring Global Cooling Force Drivers.

The present Global Warming models ignore the effects of basic physics. These lost effects include:

* The energy from the Sun is not constant. Global Warming models ignore intensity variations in solar radiation.

* Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) spawn cloud creation in the lower atmosphere, which amplifies Global Cooling.

* Variations in the sun’s magnetic field. The solar winds intertwined with these magnetic fields shield the Earth from the effects of GCRs.

* Variations in the earth’s magnetic field which modulates GCR penetration in the atmosphere.

* Proximity to nearby supernova events which produce a surge of GCRs.

* A natural heat transport mechanism – water (convection vs. black body radiation). [Ever hear the saying "Hot air rises"?]

Global Cooling is the dominant force controlling Earth’s climate. Whenever the Global Cooling dynamo slows down, Global Warming occurs naturally. These are the Best of Times, rather than the Worst of Times.


The Myth that the Global Warming Debate is Over.

It ain't over until the fat lady sings. (The fat lady is Mother Nature.)


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