The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate:

The Myth that the Man-Made Global Warming Theory can Accurately Model Climate Change by Intentionally Ignoring Global Cooling Force Drivers.

The present Global Warming models ignore the effects of basic physics. These lost effects include:

* The energy from the Sun is not constant. Global Warming models ignore intensity variations in solar radiation.

* Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) spawn cloud creation in the lower atmosphere, which amplifies Global Cooling.

* Variations in the sun’s magnetic field. The solar winds intertwined with these magnetic fields shield the Earth from the effects of GCRs.

* Variations in the earth’s magnetic field which modulates GCR penetration in the atmosphere.

* Proximity to nearby supernova events which produce a surge of GCRs.

* A natural heat transport mechanism – water (convection vs. black body radiation). [Ever hear the saying "Hot air rises"?]